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      Men Hong Sheng -Board chairman

      Contact Us

      • Tel:022-25793903
      • Fax:022-25793913
      • E-mail:
      • Postal Code:300456
      • Add: A block, Bay International Exchange Museum No.2429 1st avenue of Xin Gang Binhai New Area, Tianjin China

      Board Chairman Speech

      We focus on a target to keep a cleaner ocean & more beautiful environment, we’ll try our best to protect the marine environment, dedicate service to the customers & to insist all the time performing our duties and responsibilities.


      Tianjin Shenghao Marine Environmental Protection Engineer Co.,Ltd (Tianjin Shenghao for short) was established in June 2011.Tianjin shenghao is a harbor service coroperation approved by the Tianjin transportation and Port Authority, Tianjin Maritime Safety Administration, Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau, Tianjin General Station of Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection,Tianjin Customs District of People’s Republic of China.It Specialized in ship oil spill emergency disposal , receiving oily water and cleaning oil tank ,the supply of marine bunker, food and material ; shipping voyage repair and tank cleaning;oil and oil pipeline leakage and traffic boat leasing service.

      Company News

      • "8.12" Ruihai Warhouse Explosion In Tianjin Port.